Best of luck. But Sun/Venus, Sun/Mars and Moon/Venus Moon/Mars are also very important romantic combinations, two being a Yang combo, and two being a Yin combo. Its one. Hi I just wanted to ask you to talk more about the Siamese aspects. Astrology is the study of the correlation between celestial movements and earthly events, and r/astrology is a community for sharing news and information about astrological topics. Name Asteroids are only valid when activated through a tight aspect. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Would this be good? The Ascendant is your physical appearance, attitude and outward style. Her husband was a Scorpio. I want to know about a person with Alma conjunct Sappho in the 7th house? Please leave. Moon conjunct AlmaAlma is the Spanish word for soul. In this case, the Moon person would be deceived by the Cupido person wanting to use him for an affair, but that is all. Sensitivity is not one of Saturns qualities, but it is what the Moon needs to feel emotionally secure. How would this play out in retrograde? Thanks for your blog. Go tho 2. Conjunctions and oppositions in tight orb? eros conjunct sun mercury and neptune Angel square saturn If Narcissus aspects one of your angles in a synastry chart be careful! Are these karmic connections? Because there is also have venus,i thought it may have smt nice. Chiron square Uranus It seems to just be part of their chemistry. His Union is in Leo (finally.. something)His Union conjuncts my Mars/Pallas. His Kama, Nessus, Bacchus, Mars, Venus and Sappho are a stellium (in that order) in a tight span of 6 degrees within Gemini. Love, his Boda conj my Part of fortune Actually, we don't really recommend using the Asteroids if you are a beginner or novice astrologer because you will lose oversight and may miss the real core and basics of the relationship. For example there is a Yin/Yang interplay here that can be quite felt in a romantic relationship, while in a friendship, it takes on a different value. Hi ,Daleth please answer me~~~ thank you very much..I really love a girl, it's embarrassing to see our composite chart when not telling her, but i found in composite chart Eros/Psyche conj within 1 degree but no aspect in Synastry chart ~ and I feel like I love her with some reason(just met her for the first time..), maybe i don't have confident,maybe i'm a bad boy, so i ask this.,could you tell me something, please?? Thank you so much, Noemi, I will list two of the best astrology books in this post. Mars Conjunct Venus: Yes, this one is more famous for synastry.The story of Medusa can apply to men too. Ami, Christian Psychic Readings & Astrology Charts for All Faiths. her Desdemona- sextile her Sappho- sextile her Lust- sextile her Fantasia- sextile her Storm- sextile her Fanatica- sextile her Veritas- trine her Moon- trine her Jupiter- trine her Concordia- square her Valentine- square her Anacreon- square her Clinch- oppose her North Node- oppose her Amanda, B's "UNION"- cj. Moon conjunct Nymphe-Nymphe is what you think a sex maniac. Welcome, Friend.Well, Cupido may not be serious and so bring this kind of love to the vertex person. The Asteroid Pallas From a graphic viewpoint, Juno is a lozenge, a diamond-shaped device, on top of a cross. Uranus square Moon The most potentially damaging synastry aspects to the IC are a conjunction to Narcissus, Pluto or Uranus as it can mean there is abuse of power, gas lighting or unstable dynamics in private that arent apparent to the outside world. I have a problem settling but with Juno in the 1st I almost feel I need a relationship. We all have free will, potential to evolve and the capacity to treat each other with dignity and respect. Be the light i need pls lol, Just to name a few synastry Thank you! Moon conjunct Chiron-( Chiron is a planet, not an asteroid)This aspect may blow up a relationship. In #1, you mentioned the Lights and Venus/Mars. please I need some advice, because I feel a bit lost, and I need some opinion on my situation. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. of Weddings By the way.. asteroid Circe.. His Eros conj my Sun in Scor. When studying asteroid connections in a synastry chart, which aspects are most powerful? Time (local time) And many sextiles and trines between moons, Venus, mars, Sun. Can the sun moon be in the same sign but not conj in degrees? :) "close conjunction or DW or involved in regular closed patterns". Thank you. - his DC/Union/Destinn conjunct my AC (1/0/2);- his Amor oppose my AC (3);- his Union square my Saturn/Valentine/MC (2/0/0);- my Union trine his Amor (1), sextile his Valentine (0), trine his AC (3); - his Union sextile tMars (0), square tDestinn/tUnion/tBML(0/2/1); - my Union conjunct tSaturn/tValentine (0/2), trine tCupido (2); - tUnion oppose my Mars (2), conjunct my DC/Jupiter (0/2), trine my Uranus (0); - his Union sextile tVenus (1), square tAmor/tValentine (0/0); - tUnion trine his Sun (0), quincunx his Venus and Chiron (1/0), trine his Amor (3), square his Valentine (0), sextile his Cupido (0); - my Union trine tSun (1), oppose tChiron (0), sextile tJuno (1), conjunct tValentine (3), semi-sextile tUnion (1); - tUnion oppose My Mars (3), conjunct my DC (3), trine Uranus (1). All Even if we have a statistical prevalence of Mars/Venus connections, it doesn't mean love or relationships are impossible without them, and there are cases when the Mars/Venus combo is expressed indirectly in the chart, through mutual receptions, houses, a strong geometric structure of minors etc. No much above mentioned CONJ in our synastry, except the close proximity of my Poseidon to her Moon. additional info- I've a few questions in my mind and wonder if you have any comment on them.. :o ^.^, What u think about Yods? Is it about formal marriage, or other kinds of joining? You know what I mean? Asteroids do not have the energetic pull of planets. Even the best positioned Juno will not bring a happy couple if there are disharmonious or hard exact Saturn inter-aspects to the personal points of the other partner or if there are detrimental midpoints between both. This would be a lovely combination. She and Aphrodite were the only two women officially married among all goddesses. mars square moon Venus Conjunction Pluto Valentine/Lust trine natal Union/Uranus, Posts: 1984From: AustraliaRegistered: Apr 2009, In synastry we have:my union square his NN/valentine (1)my union quincunx his vertex/union (1)my union sextile his eros (1)his union trine my moon/venus/saturn/NN/amor (4/2/2/5/1)his union quincunx my proserpina/valentine (1)his union trine my amor (1). But that guy thought she liked him. Mars in the 12th house can indicate the couples sexual relationship is not known to the outside world and they might both appear to be single. She will bring you a raw kind of sexuality. Does this signify anything? I have this with a girl I am crushing on HARD, and it is a double whammy. Jupiter R10 and Neptune conj my mom's name asteroid, t. asteroid Karma conj Unionmy dad's name asteroid conj Jupiter R7 and DSCt. What you said makes a lot of sense. His Ven conj my Mars 14Aqu. The AC or Ascendant is the self. If you have ever had a child tease you, you know how that feels. Venus conjunct Mercury Aspects are decoded differently in romantic vs friendship/family charts. I think this this is very significant, because the relationsihip is meant to heal both of us on many major levels. 5. The other is venus conjunct Jpiter in apex and mid heaven and kiron in basis. both draconic sun is the composite sun She feels he doesnt deserve her love so she doesnt give him a chance, At first, she became his friends because he looked like her ex. Another scenario: One persons Alma conjunct the other persons mars by 1 degree? Best to let go and let yourself meet someone who you connect with on a deeper level. Or is he a romantic interest? My Psyche conj his Sun/Ven. Maybe someday it would be cute to list all the asteroids with cute generic names for a generic view of relationships (like Lovejoy, Fantasia, Memoria and such). The intercepted Houses do weaken the chart, I think, but I am not sure how. How about in transits or synastry? Moon conjunct Poseidon-Poseidon is great insight. I bet you may struggle with this, too. venus conjunct ceres karma and psych, thats my venus and her astroids Hello LeeLoo, I am hoping to get your help with some insight on the synastry and composite chart between my boyfriend and me. They matter but they have to be really close, Andrew(1-2 degrees). The DC or Descendant describes your partner in a birth chart. Best, ve/ma opp nep I think not, someone a year older than me has Union 70 degrees apart from mine, Posts: 3671From: Bay Area, CARegistered: May 2009. I may think that our Moon oppose Venus Narcissus & Echo In Synastry. PPS NOW I am working on figuring out Aphrodite conjunct Pluto --in someone's natal. I've looked into a lot of asteroids but specially for synastry I use asteroids Union, DNA, Alma, Briede (this is the spelling), Groom, Destinn, Amor, Child, Eros, Psyche, Siva, Parvati, Isis, Osiris, Spirit, Angel, Akashi, Karma, Sophia, and Logos to name a few Here are the numbers as well It is our vulnerable and emotional selves. While Chiron conjunct DC (the other) is the type of chemistry where the person embodies your deepest relationship wounds. Juno was the patron goddess of marriage, childbirth, and women's . Finding the position of the Asteroids in the horoscope: When you go to theAstrodienst AG web site, | Privacy Policy | FAQ's | Updates | Site Map |Copyright 2003-2023Luc De Jaeger - Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec)All Rights Reserved - Site built with the help of Solo Build It! If your cute coworker isnt expressing interest it may be best to move on. I am flying in the clouds and my imagination is spinning but we dont even know each other in person! BTW I have a wide conjunction of Pluto and Aphrodite, though I don`t know if it still counts, it is almost 4 degrees.Interestingly progressed Aphrodite is conjunct my DNA exactly now. My flat mate (with whom i have moon trine moon) has his Alma & Ceres conjunct my Alma. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a, With Saturn conjunct Juno in the 1st would I prefer an older mate? dear Jamie, thank you for sharing this valuable information! I am a Capricorn Sun, Leo Moon, Libra Ascendant born on January 18 1995/ 23:55 As long as it's not clear what the core meaning of the Asteroid is, it's best to not use them or only use the Asteroids for the purpose of research. NN trine sun; sq sat/plu The ex and him has a Moon conjunct Venus They add more of a binding to the relationship and make you feel connected on a soul level. Uranus stays free, noone poesesses Uranus. Beyond a doubt, incorporating the Asteroids in synastry will open your eyes about otherwise invisible relationship issues. They were not born near you in birth time. Colors They can simply manipulate the Sun or try to by their actions. Oppositions are emblematic for romantic relationships, since one important part of a good romantic connection comes from Yin/Yang polarities. We can check Juno in our natal chart, in synastry, and in composite charts. What is the significance of Moon conjunct North Node in synastry? September 2017 From my sister and her male friend. sun/saturn DW Moon conjunct Nemesis In this case, the Nemesis person may be an enemy to the Moon person. Some people think they need good Eros inter-aspects for a fulfilled sexual relationship and they focus on Eros without having analyzed the personal points in the chart comparison. The synastry chart with the person that drove me to astrology and this forum reveals that my Hygiea is conjunct his 7th house Soma (see thread on this asteroid) and his Hygiea is conjunct my IC. Hence, Nymphe would bring this to the Moon. Hence, one needs to be aware of any asteroid that touches it in synastry. (1685) TORO Capricorn 10th house Aggression, strength, and power. Hello, mars conjunct venus Though this configuration is not statistically significant, we found the connection between Juno and the Sun's zodiac sign of the partner confirmed in different other charts, which is remarkable anyway. of Disappointment- square his Venus- square his Don Quixote- square his Pavlov- square his Drakonia- oppose his Jupiter- oppose his Amanda- oppose his Pt. They are smaller. xxx. what about lilith? but its confusing if the Cupido persons Valentine and Boda tightly conjunct the Vertex persons Moon, surely that makes it better? My name is Noemi and I am trying to study astrology however I am quite new to it. Juno, a Roman goddess, was Jupiter's wife. It is the third largest asteroid, located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. He`s five years younger, so I guess Union will take about 5 years for one round through the zodiac.If your age difference is 5, 10 or 15 years or close to it, the Union positions are more likely to be conjunct than in other years, though of course they wont be conjunct all year long. The Valentine gives unconditional love and the Moon person feels really appreciated. In this case, the Poseidon person would have great insight into the Moon person. Planets And Asteroids Even with other aspects indicating a strong emotional bond and longevity in commitment, the couple may not have much fun together. They are not default reasons to run, but if your intuition picks up on something that feels off, I encourage you to explore that feeling and, if needed, access the resources available to protect your safety. But of course I could be wrong about that. Sun novile moon Images and Observations. I really dont understand the ideas behind intercepted houses. In synastry, Pluto conjunct/opposite/or square Mars can indicate intense power struggles that can be devastating if the pair have not tended to their shadow selves. Asteroid Fortuna or Tyche sextile, trine or conjunct your Vina's Fortuna . He will have strong powers to sway and influence you with his personal charisma and way of speaking in a strong, leadership kind of way. So Ive been studying asteroids for the last year and a halfbasically looking at the synastry/composite/Davidson charts to study Twin Flame connections. My Mars trine his Jup in Gem. It feels like a comfortable familiar friend. Cartomancy We do have some thoughts however, that we want to share now. Posts: 132830From: From a galaxy, far, far awayRegistered: Apr 2009, Posts: 13From: Phoenix, Arizona, USARegistered: Jan 2013, Copyright 2020 I need to ask though, whether you only look for conjunctions to count as an indicator of such relationships? Lol. That is probably a good space to be in, Tiffany dear. Lenormand it's a weird question I know, but I would really like to know what you think about it! Cupido 10 degrees, Break this down for me if you dont mind. Hello, Saturn will make you strive and strive and strive for what it conjuncts. In patriarchal Rome, the sacred flame in her temple was tended by young women who took vows of chastity. What Asteroids can be used in the chart comparison? . Everything matters in the chart. It all depends what your definition of "twin flames" or "soulmates" is, doesn't it. Wow, we have the dw. Vienna's orbit is 1.00 AU from Earth's orbit at its closest point. Hi Virgo :) I recommend this report: It FEELS like power combined with beauty like a beautiful automobile, a Jaguuer. Angel is also conjunct cupido by 2 degrees. The IC person may tend to only see what they want to see behind closed doors and a blind spot like that can be dangerous. AriesLilith Knowflake . So, if Union aspects Eros or Lust, it might be the wish for a sexual connection, or if Union aspects Amor (like in Lara`s case. and in composite chart sun moon venus mercury and mars all in the 4th house And Ascendant conjunct Moon Pluto in a hard aspect to Mars, Uranus or Neptune. Pallas (2)Pallas is not a soul mate asteroid, per se. Other aspects factor in but they will never be as strong as the conjunction. This makes sense, it looks like Union shows where and how a person wants to make a connection with another. December 2017 mars conjunct mercury Node square venus Unfortunately, we have not found any reliable research studies yet that take into account the Asteroids in synastry with such a narrow orb. Cheers Moon conjunct Kaali-Kaali is the deep body energy of each of us.The aura is a part of this. They were not born near you in birth time. IN my case,my Union is conjunct Jude`s Moon, and I probably wish for some sort of emotional connection, and it seems like it`s me with the emotional attachmetn. Thanks for your help. Hmm, I remember one time I was super depressed, felt like I was emotionally back in my "dark night of the soul", which I thought having left behind aeons ago, but I was really feeling that numbness you described, and then he appeared, and it was really like a sun broke through from a black sky.So I guess what I feel around him is joy and warmth, optimism and feeling good about being myself. She personifies fertility, since her cult was celebrated in summer. ALL SEXTILE (no stelliums in the natal charts) Retrograde would mean one would have to go inward before one could come out. venus square venus Lucia, in your case it was your Union aspecting his Venus, Mars and Eros and you said it was YOU who lusted for him. Former Attorney General John Mitchell, sent to prison for his role in the Watergate coverup, natal Lie in Scorpio. Chiron Oppose Sun Would you be able to do an interpretation of the compatibility between Bo Burnham and Lorene Scafaria? Or rather, how does the moon person feel about the Valentine person? 4. thank you dear leeloo for your patient responses. What does this mean? It also seems like the planet`s person projects their planets on the Union person, so that the Union-person wishes for a connection, which is described by the planets that form the aspect. his Fantasia- cj. Watch out for any aspect to Narcissus (asteroid # 37117) as it indicates narcissism in astrology. For example; if your crush has multiple personal planets in your 5th, 7th or 8th houses you probably see them as a romantic interest, potential partner or someone you want to sleep with. This person may not be a narcissist generally, but the relationship can bring out narcissistic behaviors in them. What is your insight of our synastry? Rome2rio makes travelling from Vienna Metro to Union Station easy. This would be an aspect of simpatico such as Moon conjunct Moon. I suppose I will let you decide. You gave a wonderful explanation of Carmen. And many other conjunction with outer planets Yes, could be OR you may be obsessed with marriage. The challenge in oppositions is learning how to positively integrate this "swing" or seesaw energy. I allow a two degree orb. And that above explanation, I can see is right. 6. The 18-month one had his Moon exactly conjunct my Sun and his Mars trine my Venus. April 2016 Thank you so much Leeloo!! Posts: 714From: The StrandRegistered: Apr 2009, Posts: 275From: EuropeRegistered: Apr 2009, HIS "UNION" - cj. 2. Think of the Roman orgies and you will have your man. I would keep those orbs really tight, like 2-degrees max (and I would only extend out to 2-degrees if the asteroid is conjunct the Sun, Moon, or chart ruler). PS What is your connection to him(emotionally) , DD? I would be super interested in knowing. Jose on the other hand, who killed Carmen in a rage of jealousy, was very much Plutonian. I have an ex who has Nessus conjunct Angel in the 8th house, explain what this means, if you dont mind. As far as our understanding goes by researching the Asteroids in synastry, the Asteroids rather describe (shared) events that the couple is likely to experience. What if a birth chart had all placements in exalted What do YOU believe is your most difficult placement to Has the Draconic chart a real foundation in us? Lol I dont think Im obsessed with marriage but I do long & desire to be with my perfect mate. This would be a serious relationship with the marital values of devotion and loyalty. Find all the transport options for your trip from Vienna Metro to Union Station right here. Or it is possible that nothing would happen at all. Remember that the conjunction has to be close like 2-3 degrees. If Narcissus aspects one of your angles in a synastry chart be careful! She was so muted by unrequited adoration for a raging egomaniac that she lost her voice. This could be the type of situation where you two hook-up and afterwards you wait for a call that never comes. Never exceed 1 and the closer the aspect, the better. Personal planets in the 6th house can simply mean the couple has strong involvement in day-to-day life. Hahahahaha. 5. Sharing aspects between the same planets but with different aspect names i.e. Registered: Feb 2010. A groundedness and being in touch with his body and senses and everything physical and earthy, that I compeltely lack.Very fascinating. ve/ve, ma/ma (+karma) I have a lot of the similarities with a guy and I feel so illogically and intensely connected to him even though I repressed my feeling previously. These two may be better as friends. And all that is just the beginning of the synastry! Pain seems to get in the way of these relationships. Wow this person may be a kind of sex addict or think about it and not do it OR have a secret life with it lol Is this you, Tiffany? The asteroid person may feel as though the object or angle of B is an extension of themself. Soulmates But well, about the hot-epic-thrilling thing.. *blush* aside of the Amor/Karma/Union/Destinn/other asteroids aspects, we have: - his Lust conjunct my NN (1), semi-sextile my Venus/BML (1); - my Lust opposes his Moon (2), square his NN/MC (1/0), conjunct his Vertex/Karma (3/0); - his BML conjunct my DC (3);(there are some other BML aspects but this is the most relevant); - in the draconic synastry, his Lust falls on my Moon/Venus/Mercury/BML stellium; - there were also a few number of aspects with Lust in the transits (mostly to Neptune/Venus/Juno and other asteroids)/SR charts, and maybe progressed charts too.

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