Leaked files obtained by The Grayzone indicate that the Royal Institution has enlisted the services of Valent Projects, a social change communications firm founded by a public relations operative previously involved in the UK Foreign Offices campaign for violent regime change in Syria. I had a lot of fun that night. Designed to curb the influence of pseudoscience material online, with specific emphasis on Coronavirus-related anti-vaxxing sentiment, the operation is run by the UKs, , and dubbed Challenging Pseudoscience., Its top patron is Charles, the Prince of Wales, next in line to the British throne, who. a clandestine nexus of Russian-speaking social media influencers throughout the former Soviet Union, to promote media integrity, democratic values [and] complex social issues, a campaign so intensive its relationship with these individuals necessitates daily management. This squadron of undercover psy-ops warriors are supported by an expert in-house team of Russian speaking producers, researchers and digital growth strategists in London, helping them create, edit and promote their output. The commissions chief, Peter Daszak, a zoologist who serves as president of the US-based NGO known as EcoHealth Alliance, was. Yet, transmedicalists often target them with mocking, questioning of their genitals, intentional misgendering, name-calling, and other harassment tactics. 2. Released fortnightly, each episode sees the hosts review one of the James Bond films. [48], The play received three stars out of five in reviews from The Guardian, BroadwayWorld, The Stage and The Reviews Hub. Known for his superficial understanding of Marxism, crude invective against Trump supporters (they disappear, or we all do), female high school athletes (sorry you fucking suck, dumb bitch), and imprisoned journalist Julian Assange (I want Assange to die in a CIA black site just because it would trigger all the worst people on Twitter), the self-described libertarian socialist has earned the moniker Vaush Limbaugh from his critics. However, her constant mistakes as well as lack of properly addressing them, have led to frustration from some within the nonbinary and transgender community, as well as a growing inability to take her actions in good faith. Yes, from the looks of it, Wynn has displayed a consistent lack of proper understanding and support of the non-binary community. In a document discussing its ability to [develop] contacts in Arabic-speaking conflict affected states, InCoStrat bragged how, in his previous career as a journalist, Khan established relationships with, and embedded himself into terrorist organizations in the UK and the Middle East, gaining unique insight into their narratives, communication methods, recruitment processes and management of networks as a result. [46][43] Thorn needed a security officer for protection from a stalker. on the UK governments behalf throughout the Syrian crisis. [19] Her first video titled "I think therefore I am" about Ren Descartes was uploaded in May 2013. The video is also emblazoned with YouTubes paid promotion logo. BREAKING NEWS!! She used to be a philosophy graduate student and instructor at Northwestern University, and has used philosophy, sociology, and personal experience in her videos to explain, and often counter, common alt-right, classical liberal, and conservative talking points. Than the stuff I was making when we were still together? Buck Angels inclusion in ContraPoints' "Opulence" video once again sparked a slew of criticism against Wynn for her perceived continued failure to understand the issues faced by the nonbinary community, which have become exemplified by Angel himself. I feel as well that youve got enough privileged white guys in your life right now without adding another. abigail is fine from what i know, what turned me off of contrapoints was that she kept making stupid takes on twitter and barely apologizing then doing it again, and a video she made a few years ago where a character of hers thinks she is non binary but comes to the realization she is actually just gay (which has since been apologized for, but it Trauma. As in Syria, where communications firms like Valent created, trained and instrumentalized media organizations to further regime change objectives, they have covertly recruited a famed British YouTube influencer to lend their carefully calculated messaging campaign an authentic flavor. the BBC to ask whether the organization was on the verge of collapse. I did one for Halloween that was all about Marxist primitive accumulation and feminism, but I filmed the whole thing in costume by firelight! Thats just something I could never have done when we were together. A trans woman (sometimes trans-woman or transwoman) is a woman who was assigned male at birth. the notoriously brutal, Saudi-backed militia known as Jaysh al-Islam. It lines up with everything I have observed about her and the BreadTube trend overall., Maupin continued, BreadTubes socialism is not really socialism, it is mobilizing young liberals to keep dissident elements in line. She saw Bond as symbolic of a "British sort of military masculinity" and commented that both she and Caldwell-Kelly had been army cadets as children. I guess Im just a bit confused as to why youre contacting me now though? Strucci described the videos as "always well-researched, inventive, and theatrical". To be honest, you didnt answer the emails I sent after we broke up so I just assumed you didnt want to be in touch anymore! He is a graduate of Yale Universitys Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program, named for the AIG founder who nearly became CIA director. How many times must we be faced with problems of increasing polarization, even within our own communities, until we acknowledge that its time to sit down and listen to each other? Besides Harris Brewis, "Opulence"also featured the voices of several other prominent activists, including Kat Blaque and Oliver "Olly" Thorn (a.k.a. Wynn posted a statement to her Patreon page (which can only be accessed if you pay to become a patron) states "Some people have taken my association with [Buck Angel] as evidence that I am secretly a transmedicalistI want to let you all know, first of all, that I am not a transmedicalist, I have never been a transmedicalist, and I will never be a transmedicalist. [35] Thorn told Insider that prior to her transition, when male fans would refer to her as a positive role model for masculinity, "it always felt like they were talking about someone else". [25], Streaming on Twitch,[22] Thorn began on Friday 23 August[36] and finished on Tuesday 27 August, streaming continuously with only a few hours per day for sleep. Shes originally from Arlington, Virginia. On a platform awash in makeup tutorials, guys playing video games, horrible comedy and conspiracy theorists, Wynn - whose . But when an ability to see the nuances in-between an issue seems impossible, how can we expect to see those that call the spaces in-between "home? She hosts PRIDEs own Nerd Outseries, as well as her own YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here! Natalie Wynn is a transgender, leftist YouTuber who opines on issues of the day and whose videos have over 29 million views. In the years leading up to the outbreak of Covid-19, Daszak worked extensively on bat coronaviruses and gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. BreadTube speaks in the name of left-wing sounding ideals. It may just be a coincidence the agencys spies typically pose as diplomats overseas. Brewis, who appears to not have known Angel would be in the video prior to its release, responded to the controversy stating"I'm hurt and upset at being forcibly associated with a shithead and don't really know what else to say.". Whos the richest YouTuber in the world? Because it's me, my coming out video is a musical about the philosophy of language lol youtube.com/watch?v=5Hi6j2UXEZM&feature=youtu.be ", "Abigail Thorn Of 'Philosophy Tube' Comes Out As Transgender", "YouTube star Abigail Thorn comes out as trans in new video", "Protesters stage 'die in' outside NHS HQ in powerful demonstration against trans healthcare crisis", "A huge step forward for trans protest in Britain", "Abigail Thorn: "Trans folks have unique perspectives on the world and much to contribute", "Inside the bootcamps where YouTube grows its next generation of stars", "Meet Abigail Thorn, the trans philosopher who wants to kill James Bond", "YouTuber Olly Thorn Raises $100,000+ By Livestreaming Shakespeare Readings Around The Clock For 4 Days", "Let Philosophy Tube Restore Your Faith in Humanity", "YouTuber Philosophy Tube Live-Streaming Reading of Entire Works of Shakespeare for Charity", "This brilliant YouTube video is one of the best TV episodes of the year", "YouTube as Praxis? Philosophy Tube began in 2013, when Thorn sought to provide free lessons in philosophy in the wake of the 2012 increase in British tuition fees.In 2018, her videos became more theatrical, beginning to incorporate dramatic studio sets, lighting . She has not disclosed details of her current boyfriend or affair. Well if you watch my stuff youll see that its a bit less how to put it? TRIGGER WARNING! His intervention may have played a decisive role in greenlighting the war of aggression. Similar to how the existence of or the harm faced by the nonbinary community is ignored, situations like these often get lumped into being simply positive or negative by our society, which loves to see things in stark black and white terms. Abigail Thorn is a popular British actress and YouTuber who is well known for creating her own YouTube channel titled "Philosophy Tube". This is a tactic the CIA tried unsuccessfully in Venezuela. She started the channel back in 2013, when she decided to provide free philosophy lessons following the 2012. The channel started in the year 2013 has over 860k subscribers with over 55 million views in just 7 years. I showed them the emails, but they took no notice. Valent Projects staffer Hamish Falconer has disclosed that the exciting Challenging Pseudoscience campaign has also received generous support from the Open Society Foundations of CIA-adjacent billionaire George Soros. After moving out of the flat she'd shared with her ex-girlfriend, Abigail ended up demolishing a wardrobe she'd built when they both moved in with her bare hands. Remember when the British government tripled tuition fees? Counter-terror is not a stated Foreign Office purview, but just, three core areas of focus for the UK foreign intelligence service MI6. The education details are not available at this time. The New York Times, for example, published a lengthy 2019 profile of a young man named Caleb Cain who supposedly fell down the alt-right rabbit hole on YouTube. But nonbinary and trans people who don't medically transition just took a different path within the wide and diverse umbrella of the transgender experience. Dec 22, 2022. on LinkedIn, declaring that he brings the action end to our work experimenting and innovating with digital influence for good. Having met in Pakistan over a decade ago, the pair have not stopped talking and comparing notes since.. Trans women may experience gender dysphoria and may transition; this process commonly includes hormone replacement therapy and sometimes sex reassignment surgery, which can bring immense relief and even resolve gender dysphoria entirely. I began my channel in the Trump era combatting alt-right ideology online. Other popular BreadTube figures include Vaush, a video gamer from Beverly Hills, California named Ian Koshinski. The progression from a simple "cis"-male actor with a philosophy degree to . Hamish is the son of Charlie Falconer, a longtime friend and former roommate of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. She then trained at East 15 Acting School, completing a Master of Arts awarded by the University of Essex in 2017 before moving to London. [61] The video was also praised by Luk Pokorn in the Czech magazine A2. Its great to hear from you again after so long. You have every right to stand up and defend yourself, your community, and those you love. The controversy around Wynn is only the most recent example. As a case study, Thorn's Climate Grief discusses climate change through multiple personas, citing Timothy Morton's concept of hyperobjects and Terry Eagleton's Why Marx Was Right. Khan trumpeted Falconers hire on LinkedIn, declaring that he brings the action end to our work experimenting and innovating with digital influence for good. Having met in Pakistan over a decade ago, the pair have not stopped talking and comparing notes since.. On Sale 10/19/21 The second in the Noumena series from bestselling author and video essayist, Lindsay Ellis. According to internal documents, Valent plans to design a mass appeal social media campaign fronted and owned by prominent social media figure Abigail Thorn, the founder of Philosophy Tube. Indeed, Angels inclusion in the video was made even more problematic as the video also featured the aforementioned Harris Brewis in the voice cast, which only caused to highlight the stark contrast between Brewiss fight against transphobia from the likes of Graham Lineham and Angels viewpoints being co-opted to support the exact same transphobe. For example, Foreign Office contractor Zinc Network. [26] Thorn's video Men. [21], In 2019, Thorn aimed to read the Complete Works of Shakespeare in order to raise money for the Samaritans, a UK charity that helps people in emotional distress. However, sharing pronouns often only happens so as to intentionally make a space more comfortable for transgender people, so it tends to only happen when transgender people are perceived or known to be present in a space. To attempt to isolate Natalie from those that care about her through online dogpiling and harassment is also a form of emotional abuse. Winberg left to join Mayday Rescue, parent charity of the fraudulent humanitarian group known as the White Helmets. Pattrick suggested that the plot mechanics be made "less prominent", that Hotspur's discovery of her womanhood needed more "depth" and slower pacing, and that the humour was overly reliant on "incongruity of blunt modern slang as a response to elaborate archaic language". I gave my university a whole bunch of free advertising and they turned around and washed their hands of me! Thorn publicly came out as a transgender woman in January 2021, with the video Coming Out As Trans A Little Public Statement and the more theatrical Identity: A Trans Coming Out Story. The file relates to a Foreign Office funded effort to train articulate Syrian armed and civilian grassroots opposition entities, and promote them to Syrian and international audiences as a credible alternative to the government of Bashar al-Assad. She has not been previously engaged. Jessie "Gender" Earl identifies as nonbinary and is a transgender activist and writer. I feel like I could spend three years pouring my heart and soul into a dissertation about the Frege-Geach Problem that youd take no notice of when I could be out here doing public philosophy and changing peoples lives. His organization received, [countering] weapons of mass destruction and improvised threat networks. In December 2019, Daszak, that coronaviruses can get into human cells, one can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily, and you cant vaccinate against them., The host of Sainis project, the Royal Institute, was founded in 1799 by British scientists of the day with the aim of introducing new technologies and teaching science to the general public. Landed gentry and royalty have always occupied the Institutions highest levels. Abuse. [13][14][15] Thorn identifies as a lesbian, as of February 2022. s Task Force on Global Health Diplomacy. For a while my Mum and Dad were keen on the idea too; I know you always got on well with them. MAP UK In the years leading up to the outbreak of Covid-19, Daszak worked extensively on bat coronaviruses and, research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Queen Elizabeth IIs cousin, Field Marshal Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent, has served as president since 1976.

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